Our Services

Altman & Cronin provides a wide range of defined contribution consulting services for 401(k), 403(b), 457 and nonqualified executive defined contribution plans.

Defined Contribution Plans Services

Compliance Testing for 401(k) and DB/DC Combination Designs

The governing rules provide numerous methods for testing plans for nondiscrimination. We are experts in maximizing the benefits of the array of testing methods.

401(k), ESOP and other Account-Based Recordkeeping

We provide record-keeping services to many defined contribution plans, including plans that are complicated, unique, or require significant expertise.

Outsourcing and Vendor Searches

We frequently conduct vendor searches for investment consultants, plan trustees, third-party administrators, and other services providers for retirement plans. Our experience allows a knowledgeable “look under the hood” for such searches.

Defined Contribution Program Design

We often assist clients in assessing how their retirement plan stacks up to competitors and provide assistance in plan design changes to enhance the recruitment and retention aspects of such plans.

Qualified Separate Lines of Business (SLOB) Design Analysis and Testing

For some large employers, creative structuring of various divisions of the company can result in increased retirement savings opportunities for employees who would otherwise be limited under general compliance rules. We work with many clients in developing such structures.

Compliance Testing for Health and Welfare Plans (self-insured and cafeteria plans)

We offer compliance testing for our clients’ health & welfare plans, including dependent care plans.

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