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Altman & Cronin is one of the leading firms in the country in the area of cash balance and related plan design and compliance testing. Andrew Ferguson, a partner of the firm, speaks regularly at national conferences on the topic of cash balance plans and has developed a career specialty in cash balance plans for partnerships.

Plan design for partnerships is typically driven by a desire to maximize retirement plan savings. In order to accomplish this goal, plan designs must adhere to considerable compliance constraints, so complete consideration of all of the complexities is paramount. These include:

  • Thorough understanding of back-loading rules
  • Current and projected IRC 410(b) coverage testing
  • IRC 401(a)(4) benefits testing
  • IRC 401(a)(26) participant requirements
  • DB/DC plan restructuring plan design alternatives
  • Various interest crediting rate options
Altman & Cronin often receives referral business from ERISA attorneys who appreciate the value and expertise we bring to this area.
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