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Altman & Cronin provides a wide range of actuarial consulting services for defined benefit and retiree medical plans. Our consulting advice is based on our use state-of-the-art actuarial software and consulting tools, combined with our detailed knowledge of the complex regulatory environment of retirement plan finances and structure. Our partner-driven consulting model ensures a high level of service and consulting advice throughout the process.

Actuarial Consulting Services

Actuarial Valuation

Altman & Cronin provides a full suite of actuarial valuation services for clients with defined benefit retirement plans. These services include IRC 430 funding calculations, IRC 436 benefit restriction calculations and AFTAP certifications, Form 5500 filings and Pension Benefit & Guaranty Corporation forms and calculations.

Financial Disclosure and Analysis

We provide financial disclosure information and analysis as required under ASC 715 (formerly known as FAS 87/106/132/158) and IAS 19.

Financial Cost Modeling and Projections

In today’s economic environment, it is imperative that plan sponsors project financial results into the future under a variety of economic scenarios. We assist clients in strategic financial planning through the use of financial modeling.

Pension Risk and Asset/Liability Management

We assist clients with management of the risk inherent in pension programs. We provide asset/liability modeling services and consult with clients on decisions related to partially or fully de-risking their liability profile. These discussions could include strategically shifting some liabilities from the plan to an insurance company.

Compliance Testing

We provide a range of compliance testing services depending on the requirements of our clients’ specific plans. These testing services include coverage and benefits testing under IRC 410 and IRC 401(a)(4), Top-25 analysis, and Top-Heavy testing under IRC 416. Equally as importantly as getting the tests “right,” we consult with our clients around anticipated compliance issues and help address them proactively.

Retirement Plan Design

We provide a spectrum of strategic plan design services for retirement programs. Areas of consideration we reflect in our plan design advice include client cost objectives, benefit benchmarking, and legal and compliance issues such as PPA benefit restriction issues and nondiscrimination testing concerns. We provide plan design consulting for traditional defined benefit plans, hybrid designs, cash balance and variable annuity plans, and executive plans.

Actuarial Vendor Searches

We conduct vendor searches for complex assignments for which a global firm is sought by a client. Our experience as consultant and actuaries allow a knowledgeable evaluation of the alternatives for such searches and enables us to separate out key differentiators from marketing verbiage.

M&A Analysis/Due Diligence

Many M&A deals include pension issues which can be extremely complex. These range from financial cost and risk concerns to administrative recordkeeping issues. We are able to assist both buyers and sellers in analyzing due diligence issues related to the pension plan.

Qualified Separate Lines of Business (SLOB) Design Analysis and Testing

For some large employers, creative structuring of various divisions of the company can result in increased retirement savings opportunities for employees who would otherwise be limited under general compliance rules. We work with many clients in developing such structures.

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